Custom Facial Implants

Facial Rejuvination

Facial Implants are used to provide subtle changes in facial contour. This may be performed to restore lost volume that occurs naturally with aging to achieve a younger well rested appearance. The type, size and positioning of these implants is critical to achieve the desired result. After performing a complete 3-D facial analysis we utilize the newest technology to create custom facial implants designed to fulfill the specific needs of each individual patient. This level of accuracy is not possible with standard implants which are made in standard sizes and cut to fit at the time of the procedure. Custom implants can be created to achieve the necessary contour changes to any area of the face.

Facial Reconstruction

Similarly, individuals may require changes in facial contour to correct facial asymmetry caused by congenital abnormalities, trauma or pathology. We apply the same techniques of custom facial implants to restore symmetry in these patients. The ability to create and use custom implants provides us with greater possibility and precision in achieving facial symmetry.