Vascular Malformation and Hemangioma

Vascular Malformation

Vascular malformation is normal arteries, veins, or lymphatic that is organized in an irregular pattern in abnormal parts of the face and body. These bundles of blood and lymphatic vessels can sometimes result in significant disfigurements and cause life threatening illness due to their size and location.

Management of these vascular malformations depends on the type and characteristic of the tumor. Dr. Ciminello will provide each patient a thorough and comprehensive examination as to offer the safest and most effective method of treatment.


Hemangiomas are true neoplasm that often presents them shortly after birth. The natural history of these tumors are that they present as a small red spot that quickly enlarges over the next weeks to months. Within the first year of life these tumors typically stabilize in size and begin to involute up to age 9.

There are a multitude of techniques that are available to deal with these bothersome tumors ranging from laser treatment to steroid injections. Surgical removal of a hemangioma is sometimes necessary when they are located on the face as they can result in vision or hearing problems. Early evaluation is essential as to rule out the need for early intervention.