Marcos Quinde (October 2019)

When my son was born 11 years ago, he needed a Cleft Lip Surgery and we wanted to find a Surgeon as soon as possible. We were referred by a Social Worker from Beth Israel Hospital to see Dr. Ciminello. I set up a meeting to see him at the University Hospital in Newark, NJ. Once we were at his office, we felt that we found the right doctor for our son.

He made us feel that my son was in safe hands and let us know what to expect about the surgery and treatments that were going to happen.

To have my son going into his first surgery at 1-month old was not easy for us, we felt very anxious and nervous. However, Dr. Ciminello has always been able to talk to us about what to expect before and after the surgery. He always treated us with tender loving care so that put our mind at ease and made us feel comfortable taking our son into surgery. Fortunately, Marcos has not had any issues after his several surgeries. Everything has gone very well so far.

I would highly recommend Dr. Ciminello to other parents as he is a special kind of person. His knowledge, professionalism, care and compassion makes him an amazing Surgeon. Also, his office staff are wonderful and attentive professionals.

We are very happy for all the things he has done for our son.

The way my son looks now is amazing!

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