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Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

The abdominal wall is in place to protect our inner organs from harm. While it is usually strong and can handle everyday wear and tear, traumatic injuries, prolonged illnesses, hernias, and wounds that are not healing can lead to severe damage to the abdominal wall. When this happens, reconstruction of the wall is required.


    The surgery is done to strengthen the abdomen and its muscles overall and ensure that the organs inside of the abdomen are protected. It also prevents the intestines from breaking through the abdominal wall.


There are different methods of the surgery, and many recommend other treatment options before an abdominal wall reconstruction surgery. When the surgery is done, the abdominal organs are re-arranged to prevent a future issue with the integrity of the wall. Also, the wall is reinforced with a mesh, made of either animal tissue or synthetic material, depending on what the surgeon believes is best.

    If you believe that you may require an abdominal wall reconstruction, contact a skilled surgeon with experience performing this procedure.

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