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Birthmarks & Vascular Malformations


A Hemangioma is a group of extra blood vessels that form a red, rubbery birthmark that is raised above the skin.* These usually develop in children during their first year of life and often shrink over time. While the cause of hemangiomas is unknown with some medical experts citing heredity as a potential factor, there are many known methods of treatment. Depending on the nature and location of the growth and when it is treated, the doctor may recommend medicated ointments and gels, laser treatment, or surgery. Consult an expert in order to determine the best course of treatment.


*Note: There can also be internal hemangioma, and those should be treated by a physician who specializes in their removal/treatment.

Port Wine Stain

Port Wine Stains are technically referred to as nevus flammeus which is Latin for “Flaming birthmark”, alluding to their reddish hue and their other name as “firemarks”. They are caused by the malformation of blood vessels in the skin.


Port Wine stains usually persist into adulthood, starting off as pink marks in children that become darker as the child ages. Most cases present no medical danger to the patient, but in rare instances, some port wine stains can be indicative of other internal problems occurring with the child. To be safe, you should consult a trained physician who is experienced with port wine stains and can recognize other issues that may be caused by them.

Laser treatments are often used to help reduce the size and color of these stains.


Nevus is a term used for dark, pigmented skin spots that appear on the body. These can include beauty marks, moles, etc. Usually, they do not pose any medical risk, but in some cases, they may indicate melanoma or other skin cancers. For your safety, you should consult a medical professional to ensure that your nevi are not cancerous.


The treatment for nevi depends on the size and location. Most small nevi can be removed surgically, and in some cases with laser treatment.

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