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Hand & Wrist Fractures or Dislocations (Acute & Chronic)

X-ray image showing bones of the hand and wrist

Fractures, in the case of the hands and wrists, are broken bones.


So when someone says that a hand is fractured, that means that a bone, or multiple bones, in the hand is/are broken. There are two main types of bones in the hand. The first are the metacarpals. These are the bones in the hand that make up the palm. The second are phalanges, they make up the fingers and allow them to bend so we can pick up objects, complete tasks, etc.


Wrist fractures are broken bones in the wrist. The wrist is made up of eight bones, and those bones connect to the bones in the forearm. A fracture can occur in any of these bones.


Dislocations are when the bones move out of place, usually caused by a traumatic event like a fall. In both the hand and the wrist, dislocations may require surgery followed by a cast or a splint. See an expert hand and wrist surgeon to determine what the best course of treatment is for your fracture or dislocation.

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