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Pediatric & Congenital Hand Anomalies

A small percentage of children born with congenital birth defects have anomalies that occur with the shape and function of their hands.


Many of these issues occur with the fingers and the way that they are developed. Some children are born with extra digits (Polydactyly), while some are born with fingers that are fused together (Syndactyly). In the case of the finger fusion, this can often give a “webbed” appearance in the hand of the child.


Other conditions are caused by underdevelopment. When the hand does not fully develop, some fingers may be unusually short, and some bones may be missing from the hand. The thumb can also be underdeveloped and come out unusually small or missing, depending on development during gestation. Trigger thumb may also occur, making the act of bending the thumb difficult for the child.


See a specialized hand surgeon to determine the best course of action to help your child get the treatment that they need.

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