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Finger Deformities (Boutanniere & Swan Neck)

Finger deformities can occur for a number of reasons.

Rheumatoid Arthritis can cause finger deformities because the damage that it does to the joints. As Rheumatoid Arthritis breaks down the bone and cartilage in the finger, it can lead to the fingers becoming misshaped or out of alignment due to the lack of structure.



Here are some common finger deformities:


Boutonniere deformity

The middle joint of the finger bends downwards to the palm while the surrounding joints bend away from the palm.

Swan-neck deformity

The middle joint in the finger straightens out while others bend, causing the finger to crane out like a swan’s neck.

Hitchhiker’s thumb

The thumb hyperextends at the middle joint, causing it to flatten out when it is bent.

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