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Tendon & Ligament Injuries

Ligaments are connective tissue that can connect bones, cartilages, or hold together a joint. Ligament injuries can occur when the ligament undergoes stress, stretching it beyond its usual range.


A common ligament injury that can occur is a sprained wrist. In many cases, a person falls on the wrist in a way that causes the ligament to hyper-extend. This can sometimes be a light injury that requires rest. It could also be a severe injury with a completely torn ligament. In the more severe cases, surgery is required.


Tendons connect muscles to the bones, allowing the muscles and bones to move and work together. There are two sets of tendons in the hand: flexor tendons and extensor. Flexor tendons allow you to close your hand, while extensor tendons allow you to open it and straighten out your fingers. Injuries to these tendons can severely limit the ability to use your hands for everyday tasks.


If you suspect that you have a tendon or ligament injury, see an experienced hand and wrist surgeon to recommend a course of treatment.

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