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A Brief Narrative

Dr. Edward Hahn, MD headshot

Overview of Hand Surgery

The hand and wrist are beautifully designed instruments that we use for

innumerable tasks, skills, hobbies, and pleasures. The intricate and fine motor

movements required by a master musician to play a violin, the skill needed to

crochet a baby blanket, the professional athlete that uses their hands to hold a

racquet or catch a ball, the construction worker building homes for families – all of these great tasks have one thing in common: they require the unique, mechanical abilities of the hands. Traumatic injuries and other diseases affecting the hands can greatly impair their function and result in devastating consequences. Just as the hands can enable people to do so many wonderful things, a hand injury or disease can rob someone of their ability to do the things that they love.


As a fellowship-trained and board certified plastic, reconstructive, hand, and upper extremity surgeon, Dr. Hahn is fully-prepared to provide the most comprehensive treatment to his patients’ hand concerns and dysfunctions. Born from a family of builders and machinists, he takes personal pride in his work and strives to restore the injured or diseased hand to its normal form and function.

Learn More About Dr. Hahn's Expertise in Hand & Wrist Surgery.

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