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Patricia Lux (May 2018)

"My dermatologist recommended Dr. Ciminello to me because I needed to have mole surgery performed on my forehead. However, the first time I met Dr. Ciminello was when my daughter needed to have a procedure done. Not only was he professional, but when he explained the procedure to my daughter, he was actually speaking directly to her so that she understood what was going to happen on the procedure day - She was 16 years old at the time.

When I first went in for my office visit it went great, he explained everything that was going to happen and all of the office personnel were very nice. He was very professional and I was comfortable knowing that we had already met him and went through a procedure with him before. He explained the whole procedure from A-Z, which I was getting put under so it was good that everything was explained.

It was a couple procedures that needed to be done. He came in before the procedure, told me and my husband what to expect and all the personnel at Vanguard were very comforting. I was put under anesthesia and afterwards, he came out and told my husband that everything went well.

After he did the initial procedure of the mole removal, which was almost the size of a bullet hole, he gave me directions and I followed them with everything that I had to do. I was expecting to have a big ban around my head but it was a regular band-aid/gauze. He told me how to manage the incision with creams. The scar was going to be large so he wanted to shrink it since it was on my face and that only took one procedure, which made a big difference.

Everyone in the office and Dr. Ciminello are very professional. If I had questions and he wasn’t in, the office always got back to me in a reasonable time. I’ve already recommended him to some people, knowing that I went through this, and everyone asks which doctor I used so I give all of his information.

If I had to go through it again, I would know exactly who to go.

Dr. Ciminello is a very respectful and cordial person - who also treats you that way. He’s a family man that you can laugh with you, but also knows when to be serious. A doctor that makes you feel comfortable and sometimes makes you forget what you are really there for. I always felt at ease."

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