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Rosalyn Strop (June 2018)

"Rosalyn, daughter of Pedro Strop (Pitcher of the Chicago Cubs), was with her family in the Dominican Republic. She had not yet joined her dad in Chicago when she was playing around on a table in their house. Rosalyn was climbing on the marble top table and it ended up slipping and crushing her facial bone. The muscle on her forehead went straight down to the bone; she needed over 80+ stitches. The nearby hospital in the Dominican Republic was not a good one but she needed to have stitches so they sowed her up (butchered her stitches) and immediately got on a plane to go see Dr. Ciminello. That’s when they called Dr. Ciminello personally and went to meet him.

They were a little nervous, as any parents are, and didn’t know what to expect. Before going to the office, they did their research, looked at his website and reviews, and felt more comfortable. They were much more at ease when they actually met Dr. Ciminello at the office. His demeanor and bedside manner really helped to provide some relief to the situation. He really went out of his way to make sure they were taken care of, so much so that he personally drove them from the office to the hospital, to get CT scans and to the operating room. He really took care of Rosalyn and made sure everything went smoothly.

She ended up requiring 2 surgeries. The first was the actual reconstruction and the 2nd was the scar revision. Her parents were a little nervous that her face was going to be sunk in. Also, since she’s a girl they always felt like the scarring was very important to them. The scars were really bad due to the initial stitches Rosalyn received in the Dominican Republic, but Dr. Ciminello fixed the scars and her facial injury - you can’t even tell anything happened! It was a pretty ugly accident and not something that many 2 year olds can endure.

After the surgeries, Rosalyn was not in pain and everything turned out great! Overall, they were very happy with the surgeries and glad that they made the trip to work with Dr. Ciminello. They would highly recommend him and if anything like this happens again, they know exactly where to go or refer anyone!"

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