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Lacey Sydner (November 2018)

Ever since Lacey was born, she had a facial hemangioma and it started to grow as she got older. When she had it removed by Dr. Ciminello, she was only 5 months old.

I started doing research because our Pediatrician had no idea who to send us to. We live about an hour and a half away from the Maywood office but from all of my research, I thought we had to give it a shot.

The whole staff was more than accommodating. Everyone was so nice and as soon as I met Dr. Ciminello, I knew I had the right doctor. He was knowledgeable and comforting. At our visit, he told us he wanted to wait about 3 months to see if the growth was increasing in size or if it changed at all. In the meantime, he set us up with a Pediatric Dermatologist, who was also great. Then at her 3-month check-up, Dr. Cimienllo decided it was time to surgical remove it. The surgery was at Hackensack Hospital, which he recommended and was phenomenal. Lacey had to go under anesthesia which was scary for any parent but we felt so confident in Dr. Ciminello and the hospital – he set up a whole team for us! As nerve wrecking as it was, it was so reassuring knowing she was in the best hands possible so I knew she was going to be fine. Maybe an hour after she woke up from anesthesia, she was 100% fine – smiling and eating.

Before the surgery, everywhere I would take her, people would say what’s wrong with her forehead, to the point where my other children would say no that’s her birthmark. I didn’t want my daughter growing up like that. Now, after the surgery, her scar looks absolutely amazing; people can’t even notice! Everybody sees her for who she is now and not the birthmark.

He is probably one of the best doctors I’ve ever met. Not only is his personality warm and comforting but his work is amazing. I would drive the distance for any of my children in a heartbeat.

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