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Tori Lapis (October 2018)

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Post Surgery Image

In November 2016, I got into a really bad car accident. I was unconscious but I was told my face went through a window. They didn’t even know who I was, my face was so bad. I was in the ICU for a while. My body injuries were worse than my facial injuries so they couldn’t even worry about my face at that time but they told me that my face was partially paralyzed.

After they took care of my body complications, it was time for me to get surgery of my facial injuries. My family is very close with another doctor that knew Dr. Ciminello and said he was the best so I was referred to him. He operated on me in the hospital. He fixed all of my facial injuries and fixed the nerves in my face so I could smile normally again.

I was completely healed by the time I saw Dr. Ciminello again. My mom came with me to the first office visit and she felt really comfortable with him. My parents showed him pictures of what I looked like before the accident and he said I can have her look like that again, and I do, it’s amazing. At follow up appointments, Dr. Ciminello was working on my facial scars and damaged nerves. My dad was talking to him the whole time, it was like they were friends. He completely took out the scar tissue and fixed the nerves on my face. I didn’t need to have more surgeries after the initial one. I healed really well and can smile again.

I would recommend him to anyone! Dr. Ciminello made me want to go to school to be with other kids and feel normal again. He gave that back to me. He was super nice about everything, made me feel really good about the way I looked after feeling like I would never look the same again.

I’m so happy with what he did, he changed my life.

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