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Karla Cruz (February 2018)

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

"I met Dr. Feintisch when my daughter was born, he came by the hospital a couple hours later to meet her and explain what surgeries she might have. He was really nice. He gave me that confidence that everything was going to be ok. When she was born, we were all lost and when he came down, he told us more about Cleft Lip and Palate and what to expect, step by step. He took his time to go over things and he was really patient with my husband since he doesn’t speak English and I had to translate. Before he left, we felt confident enough to say “OK we have our daughter in your hands now.”

Karla pre-surgery

Karla has had 2 surgeries already. It was a really incredible recovery because within 5-6 hours she was moving and playing around, playing with balloons; we were amazed! There weren’t even any issues with swelling or anything. After surgery, Dr. Feintisch came back to check on our baby then afterwards he gave us an appointment with his office. All of the members of the office are really nice and patient. Dr. Feintisch always makes us feel safe and calm, and we feel comfortable with her in his hands. He’s really extraordinary.

Karla post operation

He still checks in on her to see how she’s doing and how her scars are healing, how her speech and eating is progressing. I would absolutely would recommend him – He is an amazing doctor! We felt that we could ask as any questions we had, he was more than available and patient/happy to answer them. We can’t wait to see him again next month at our appointment!"

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